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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I don’t think I have ever been happier to see a New Year arrive. Though COVID is still with us and we are in lockdown, I am looking forward to new projects and finding new ways to keep in touch.

I’m anxious to get my sewing space organized but I realize that I still have the dregs of 2020 lingering in my sewing room. So I am putting my inventory management skills to use and cleaning up the clutter.

Welcome to the DECLUTTER CHALLENGE. And I hope that you join along with me.

Starting January 11th, and running for three weeks I will have daily challenges for you. Be sure to watch this week's YouTube before you start.

Each day we will tackle one part of decluttering your sewing space. They are meant to be done in 15 minutes bursts. Some will take several bursts. And the challenge will be different for everyone. We all have been quilting for different lengths, at different skills and different methods. Some of you might have decluttered last year. Some of you may not have tackled any of this for many many years. So you need to recognize that this 21 days journey will look different for each of us

I know parts of this will be hard. Just writing this, I’m twitching a bit as I know that I have a couple of drawers full of regrets.

We are all in this together. We are going to laugh, maybe cry, forgive and let it go.

So are you in?

If so, you can post your progress in a few ways. On Facebook, you can join the Event Page here. And on Instagram you can tag your progress by using #jgidqdeclutter2021. As the days go on, you can click below to easily find any days you might have missed or skipped:

Before we begin

Day 1 Garbage

Day 2 Return items to where they belong

Day 3 Magazines

Day 4 Books

Day 5 Pattern Pile

Day 6 Archives

Day 7 Catch-up day or rest day…enjoy your sewing room day

Day 8 Thread Day 9 Pins and Needles Day 10 Rulers (and Cutting Mats) Day 11 Scissors and Rotary Cutters Day 12 Notions Day 13 Electronics

Day 14 Furniture and the Sewing Triangle Day 15 Scraps

Day 16 Batting Scraps

Day 17 Fabric Scraps

Day 18 UFOs

Day 19 Kits Day 20 Containers and Bags Day 21 Follow Through

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