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Declutter Challenge 2022 - Day 14 - CATCH UP

Isn't it funny what we keep? I found this container of gold. Gold ribbon, elastic, stones and glitter. I'm not a person that makes a lot of bling. I most likely kept it because I thought about how expensive the ribbon is and thought "maybe one day I'll use it".

Today is the end of the second week of our 21-day Declutter Challenge. It's fascinating how exhausting making decisions can be. Faced with many of the items I saved last year, I'm finding this year for many of them, I am making different choices. And for some, I know I should part with them, but I am just not ready yet.

I am happy to say that this is a catch-up day. But if you are like me and are feeling fatigued, this is a day of rest.

If you have missed a spot or it was not quite covered in the previous days, this would be a great day for you to deal with it. I noticed in one of my videos that the top of my cupboards is cluttered with miscellaneous stuff. Some stuff I need, some I don't but I’ll set my timer and grab my step ladder to see which is which.

If you find that you have some extra space in your sewing room, and feel motivated, it’s also a good day to take a look at your furniture.

Go back to my video Organize Your Sewing Space Part 1. Think of your sewing triangle. Things you can ask yourself include:

  • How is your space working for you?

  • Can you remove some furniture from your space to make it work better?

  • Are there ways you can add more light to your space?

  • Do you have extra furniture you want to add?

You may find that after moving things around, you find more stuff to declutter. I am still finding miscellaneous bags here and there. Things I stashed at some point this year and then it was out of sight out of mind. With the space I have reclaimed, I am able to dump it all out, identify if I need it, then put it where it needs to go.

If you are tired or feeling behind, remember that life happens. And some weeks, your work life or personal life will take priority. Some of us are dealing with only one year of clutter and some have 20. You will get there in 30-minute chunks of time.

Take a moment at the end of the day to take a picture of your sewing space to see how far you have come.

And what am I doing today? Because I'm happy with the layout of my sewing room, I will be working on a WIP and reflecting further upon that container of gold to figure out if I'm ready to let go.

See you tomorrow for Day 15!

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