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Declutter Challenge 2022 - Day 2 - Returning Items

Now that we took out the trash, are you finding items that don’t belong in your sewing space? Or maybe yours is like mine; it doubles as a guest room, so most of my sewing stuff moves out when my kids have headed home.

Today we put it all back where it belongs. Use your timer; you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish in 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary. If you need more time be sure to take a short break in between. You might also need a buddy to clear out some of the larger items.

Beware! Do not get distracted by where your items end up. If you are clearing up wrapping paper, it doesn’t mean you need to reorganize the closet where the gift supplies live. Just start a list in your bullet journal of the other areas of your home that need declutter time and come back to it later. If you want to clear them today be sure to use your timer, and take breaks.

You might find items that need to be returned. Or you remember items that need to be returned to you. Make a list so you don't get distracted or forget them. Then make arrangements for some curbside drop-offs when you’re done

I also find this triggers a list of thank-you notes that I need to send. Just another list for my bullet journal. Either use from the stack you probably have or make some thank you postcards.

Today's exercise had me taking a good look at the items on my shelves. There are items that had once brought me joy but that time has passed. That sterling engine and the Expo 20210 souvenir are taking up valuable space and it's time for them to move on.

The second task is to take a moment to clean your sewing machine. Following the manufacturer's guidelines, give it a bit of oil and change the needle and clear out all the fluff. Rethread the machine and add a fresh bobbin.

I can’t believe how much better this space looks already. I can feel the energy shifting in my room and I can’t wait to create.

I know you have found some items that you are shaking your head wondering why they are in your sewing room. Post them with the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2022. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Three - Magazines.

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