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Declutter Challenge 2022 - Day 6 - Archives

Today we are diving into our archives.

Memories are valuable. Decluttering is not getting rid of everything. It’s about getting rid of the stuff that doesn't serve you. Things that tie you to a past at the expense of a future.

Some of us keep detailed notes of all the quilts that we make. Others keep journals. Some may stack the patterns of quilts they made in the past. Keeping these patterns or the notes can be the only memories that you have of the quilt as it has long gone to a new home. We might also have workshop notes, and mementos of quilt shows and road trips.

We each hold and value memories differently. So there most likely will be a big difference between quilters on what is precious and what isn’t.

But again the big challenge is how much space do you have to store this archive.

For patterns that you have previously made, my advice is to keep only the necessary amount of the pattern to trigger the memory you want to have.

Is it a picture, swatches of the fabrics or the notes that you made? I recently pulled out the notes of my 4th of July pattern. I had kept all the extra pieces of pattern pieces and the supplementary notes. I dwindled it down to just the cover picture and my colouring page. I wasn’t making it again so the rest went in the recycling bin. But on a swap mini-quilt that I made, I kept the notes and the attached swatches. Different quilts, different memories.

And not all memories come in paper form. I keep this red box for all those little things that are so precious...not everything is about quilts.

I hope you have fun today walking down memory lane.

Tomorrow is Day 7 and this is a catch-up day. You might need another run at your magazines or books. Or you can simply sit and sew enjoying your newfound space in your sewing room. You can do either or both. If you are having trouble getting started, watch my video Jumpstarting an Old Project

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