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Declutter Challenge 2022 - Day 9 - Thread

Threads are the unsung heroes in our quilt-making. Fabric gets all the attention and the biggest impact on our wallet, however, without thread, nothing would stitch together, and we wouldn't have all those fascinating quilted designs.

We can become just as obsessive with our thread purchasing. Weights, textures, and a rainbow of colours, oh my! If nothing else, playing with the colours can lift your spirits for the coming week.

So what else to do, but finally declutter our thread stash. Are you thread-y for this?

The amount of thread you need is dependent on what type of quilting/sewing that you like to do. And since you might potentially use all of it, where can you cut back?

Space Start with how much space that you want the thread to occupy in your space.

Eliminate the Dusty Ones

I have many that I accepted from friends that were cleaning out their mother's or aunt's sewing room and they thought I could use them. But now their quality has deteriorated beyond the point of usefulness.

No Label

Consider eliminating those without any markings. If you have no idea if they are poly or cotton, 60wt, 50wt or 40wt, what are the chances you might use it?


How many different spool shapes are you wanting to manage? Can you eliminate one size?

Amount of Thread

How many spools have less than a project left on them? I add my end-of-spools to a miscellaneous bobbin that I use for practice pieces. I also like to use them in my hand sewing when I make my hexies.


Speaking of bobbins, how many do you have? Do they work in your current machine? Any broken ones?

You might have other threads for other crafts like floss for cross-stitch etc. How many of those projects will you make in the next 5 years? How much space in your sewing room do you want them to take up? Be honest and cull accordingly.

While you’re working on this challenge, listen to my interview with Antia Zobens of Threadworks. She knows so much about where, when and why to use each kind of thread. I had so many questions and she answered all of them.

Share your progress on social media. Follow the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2022. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 9, Pins and Needles.

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