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Declutter Challenge 2023 - Day 12 - Sewing Machines & Electronics

Today we are starting with our sewing station. We have already found our sewing machine, cleaned it and oiled it and hopefully used it. So more than the actual machine, let’s look at all the accessories that you have.

For most of us, 95% of our sewing is using a straight stitch with the same presser foot. But what other accessories do you use often, and are they easily accessible? For the remaining accessories, take a good look. For any that you don’t know how to use, put on your brain dump a note to figure out what they do and how they work. Then move them away from your primary zone. Put them in a lower drawer. You don’t necessarily want to get rid of them because if you ever sell your machine, you’ll want all the pieces. But they don’t need to be close unless you use them.

For my 910, my travel machine. I had too many feet to fit in the case. So I am removing these never used ones and keeping them in a bag with a label in the back of a drawer.

Do you have a serger? Where is it? Do you know how to thread it? If you can’t use it, why are you keeping it? So put on your brain dump to make a plan to do so. Honestly, I had to take my intro serger class twice, because I forgot almost everything after the first one. But I have also been dealing with trying to find the right place to keep it. I don’t have the space to have it out all the time. But I would like to be able to pull it out quickly when I do. This year I purchased this rack. The dimensions were very specific so that I could store my embroidery attachment and serger together and then I can roll them out when I need them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that after moving it five times in five years, this will be the perfect spot to store it.

Now let’s repeat this with your other machines? They might include:

  • Other Sewing Machines

  • Embroidery Machines

  • Atanding or sit down Longarm,

So Do you use it? Do you know how to use it? Can you access it? And where are the accessories to go with it? These appliances can take up a huge amount of valuable space. If you are not using it, take a moment to dig deep and ask yourself if you can ever see yourself taking the time to learn how to use them, if you are still interested in what they actually produce or even if you can still physically use them or pull them out of storage to use them.

When you downsize, it is really hard to let go of items you worked really hard to purchase. And unfortunately there is no magical solution. Your space is finite. You have what you have. Give yourself the gift to enjoy your space by letting them go.

There might be other appliances in your space too.

  • Cutting systems like a Accu-quilt, Cricket, or Silhouette

  • Electric Blade Sharpeners

  • TV’s

  • Refrigerators

  • Computers

  • Ipads

  • Smartphones

  • Cameras

  • Printers and Scanners

  • Radios

And every single one of them probably has a cord, manual and accessories to go with them.

How many of them are you actually using? Move out the ones that you are not.

Last year I decluttered my Silhouette. It was a gift I didn’t want or need. My husband thought he might use it but look what has snuck back into my space. Plus all the paper and vinyl to go with it. So I’m letting go again.

My biggest problem is my filming gear. They all come with different chargers and cords and bags. Some I’ve outgrown, some are broken, some I don’t know how to use. So this might take many flips of the timer to get through this pile.

And while you are decluttering your sewing room you might find miscellaneous batteries, electrical cords, user manuals, remotes, cartridges etc. If they don’t belong somewhere else in your home, you know what to do with them.

So what crazy electrical device or accessory did you find in your space today. Post a photo online with the

hashtags #jgidqdeclutter2023 & #declutterchallenge2023

I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 13

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