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Declutter Challenge 2023 - Day 15 - UFOs

Welcome to Week Three, Day 15 of the sewing space declutter challenge. This week is all about your projects, fabric and batting.

Today our challenge is to find all the projects that you have started. It doesn’t matter if you call them WIP’s (Works In Progress) or UFO’s (UnFinished Objects), let's get them all out in the light of day. And when I say started, that means that there is some cut fabric, half sewn blocks, or partially constructed rows.

Any fabric that you find that you have pulled and not cut, we’ll classify as a kit. Just put those aside and we will be dealing with kits tomorrow.

Normally, for me, I classify anything that I have not worked on for three months as a UFO and the current projects as WIP’s. But since we are at the beginning of a new year, I’m dumping almost everything into the UFO pile.

We stop projects for many reasons. Like all marathons, once you stop it’s mentally challenging to get back on track. But here is the million-dollar question...

If you had a day of uninterrupted sewing, is this a project that you want to finish?

Sometimes it’s a high five YES, sometimes it’s an absolute NO. Unfortunately, the majority fall into a murky MAYBE. We get so focused on the amount the fabric, the pattern, the time we have invested so far, we forget to look at the future. If our sewing room is supposed to be a place where we find solace and recharge ourselves, why would we invest more time on a project that depletes us even more?

I have made a video on UFOs to help you decide on what UFOs are worth finishing and some techniques to stop and simply use what you have. I’ll put a link here if you have yet to watch it.

But I ask you to think seriously about whether this is a project that you really want to finish. You can drag yourself into misery working on projects just for the sake of finishing things off.

I have several I said NO to and I have put the blocks into my orphan block pile. I've dumped a couple into my donation pile. But I have a few stragglers that I am undecided on. So I am giving myself a time limit of a month. If I stilll haven't started them by Feb 15th, I guess they are NO's.

See you tomorrow for Day 16 - Kits!

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