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Declutter Challenge 2023 - Day 3 - Magazines

Today is our first day where we are dealing with the capacity of our sewing room. So look at your shelves, your drawers and your cupboards and recognize how much volume your space can hold.

Because it is what it is. And the key to a happy sewing room is not to have OVER capacity.

And we’ll start with a simple category - magazines.

Ask yourself, with your square footage, how much space do you want your magazines to occupy? Then only keep the quantity that can fit in that space.

Magazines are like the Fast Fashion of the publishing world. They have entertainment value for a month or two then the next issue is out, and you are on to the next article.

Today's challenge is to do a pass through your home to gather up any copies that are spread about. Then decide on which ones you want to keep.

If you have a bigger or older collection ask yourself these questions:

  • When did I last read this issue?

  • When did I last make a quilt from any issue?

  • Do I have other things that I would prefer to occupy this space?

I decluttered my magazines several years ago. And with only two exceptions, I try very hard not to bring home any others. I'll put UPPERCASE & QUILTFOLK on a bookshelf in my bedroom because I read them before bed. But the rest...I just don't have the space for it.

In the past, I have clipped patterns from past issues, but I have yet to use any. So I have realized that I am not that kind of maker. I either design it myself or I look online.

Now magazines or news clippings that feature you or your work are different and keep them for Day 6.

The magazines that you declutter can be donated or recycled.

This is not a lengthy challenge for me but I know that there are many of you with collections. You do you. They might be like old friends to you and bring you a lot of joy. Only you can decide how much self-space they are worth.

Now if you have not chosen a project or UFO to work on during the challenge, do it now. Then put on your timer for 30 minutes and see how much you can get done. When the timer goes off, clear your space and set yourself up for tomorrow.

How old is your oldest magazine? Post them online with the hashtags #jgidqdeclutter2023 #declutterchallenge2023. And if you missed any of the previous day's challenges, I’ll post the Declutter Challenge Playlist here. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Four.

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