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Declutter Challenge 2023 - Day 7 - Catch-Up Day

This past week we cleaned out the garbage, sent all the non-sewing clutter out of our space and cleaned out the paper. And found our sewing machine.

Today is a free day. This is a day to catch up, catch your breath, and do another 15 minutes in a certain category. Do a bit more tidying up. Clean a bit or simply sit sew and enjoy.

You might have a brain dump of ideas that came up during the week that you can put where you need to put them. On to-do lists or schedules or image boards.

I spent the day just working on projects that I wanted to. Like playing with this variegated thread.

I will also be working on preparing my current WIP for next week so I can simply grab and sew when I put my timer on.I am so pleased with my Alentejana quilt and how I have managed to make this prints work. I remember Brandon Wolff's saying, "it makes my brain tickle" And that is exactly how it feels. When I laid it out for a photo, it took a nanosecond for Mando to claim it.

A nice long walk was in order. It's been a wet dreary week but it's all fun and games when you have a dog.

So how was your day? Please share your stories online with the #jgidqdeclutter2023 and #declutterchallenge2023. But no pressure. Life gets busy and goes in ebbs and flows…You do what you need to do today

Next week we'll be diving into our tools. So be sure to subscribe. See you tomorrow on Day


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