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Declutter Challenge 2024 - Before We Begin

Like any challenge, we need to do a bit of prep before we get going.

Decluttering is all about getting stuff out of your space. That includes:

  • Garbage

  • Broken and damaged items

  • Things that belong in other spaces in your home

  • Stuff that needs to be returned to a Sew Mate

  • Objects you no longer need, use, or like

  • Things that no longer serve you

  • Stuff that no longer makes sense in your space

Already overwhelmed? Just take a deep breath, and tell yourself that "You Got This".

Be Ready With An Exit Strategies

Have donation boxes ready, and know to whom they will be sent. Find out when they accept deliveries and plan when you will drop them off. Understand what your local area can recycle, and where the recycling centre is. Have a trash bin nearby.

Grab a timer

I like to use this cube timer ( I grabbed it off of amazon (amazon)). It's easy and fast but you can also use the one on your phone, your watch or your microwave.

Grab a Journal

Handling your stuff will create squirrels (i.e. cute and good ideas that distract you from decluttering). Have a journal, post-it notes, or your smartphone ready so you can write them down and deal with them later. Last year I added white boards to my space as well but it's what ever you can easily access.

Have a Declutter Buddy

And be a buddy to someone else. My husband without any prompting from me started cleaning his space. It's nice to see him clear his space. Share your stories on Facebook or Instagram using #declutterchallenge2023 and #jgidqdeclutter2023.

Know Where You Are Going

Have a picture in your head of what your space will look like at the end. Forget the fancy filming sets or the 2000 sq foot sewing studios. See the potential in what you have.

You Need To Commit

If you are really serious about doing this, set time aside every day when you will get it done. I'm going to do it first thing in the morning because I like checkmarks, and checking something off at the beginning of the day energizes me. But that might not work for you. Maybe just before lunch, or after dinner fits into your schedule better. Just make sure you pick a time when you still have the energy.

Know Your Limits

These are meant to be short 15-30 minute bursts of decluttering. It's not a marathon. Decluttering is a cycle. We live in a time where material things (no pun intended) flow in and out of our lives. So if at the end of 21 days, you still have work to do, simply start again.

This year will be interesting as I think my sewing room is not as cluttered as it was last year. But my studio needs a lot of attention as so much has just been dumped there in the past three years. But I do like a challenge and the payoff is a space where I love to create.

And I know that there will be personal discoveries along the way. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to what to what I uncover this year about my stuff and myself this year. I hope you will join me.

To set yourself up for success, try out my tips and tricks.

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