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When starting a long term goal, it’s always best to start with the easy stuff. It’s important to find your stride and feel the success early so that you feel motivated to take on the more overwhelming goals later on.

So we are starting with the garbage. You are going to give yourself a target of 20 items at a time.

Grab your recycling and garbage cans, put on your timer* for 15 minutes, and go. Repeat as necessary.

Look for the packaging from holiday gifts. Food wrappers. Old receipts. Flyers. Instructions in another language. Quick start guides that you have already started. Take out envelops, old post-it notes, pens that no longer work, etc.

And don’t forget to put on an episode of Karen’s Quilt Circle to listen to while you work 😉.

Now garbage is funny. You can look at a space and see nothing but once you put a target number in your head it’s amazing how you begin to evaluate things. Some packaging is almost nicer than the gift. The fit and finish have you saving it, sure that you can use it somewhere. But when you have a quota to fill, suddenly you realize that you can release that box. [sigh] and let it go.

This is a good exercise to repeat on a weekly or semi-monthly basis or as necessary. I like to piggyback it to another job...Changing my sewing needle needle

I would love to see your progress on Social Media. Post your photos on Facebook here. And use the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 on Instagram/Twitter. See you tomorrow for Day Two- Stuff That Belongs in Other Rooms.

Missed the last post? Check back HERE to find it! *Link attached to Timer is an Affiliate Link. I will receive a small commission on your purchase. There is no obligation to purchase from these links. These items may be available locally or you can use or modify something that you already own.

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