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DECLUTTER CHALLENGE - DAY 10 - RULERS (and cutting mats)

Today we are tackling our rulers.

We need our rulers for accurate cutting. But we can quickly accumulate way more than our space can handle. And because of the variety of shapes and sizes you might have them stored in several different spaces.

If you have been sewing for more than 5 years, you have probably tested out your fair share of rulers and have found your favourites. These are the keepers. And because our hands are different shapes and strengths we each might have a different selection of keepers.

From the remainder take a look and ask yourself:

  • Are these broken or damaged?

  • Are numbers and increments still legible?

  • Are the corners sharp enough to use?

  • Are there any duplicates? For example, I found I had a duplicate 9” ruler and I am putting that in my travel kit.

  • Was the ruler only used for a specific quilt? Are you likely to make that quilt again? In the days when we attended workshops, there was often a specialty ruler that we needed. Since the quilts are made and done I can let several go.

And now I have a pile that I will never use again. I just need to breathe, forget about the money I spent, and add them to the donation pile, or throw them out if they’re in really rough shape.

And I have some dressmaking rulers, the curved ones for making clothing patterns. I wanted just one but they came in a set. I am going to keep just the one I wanted and let the rest go...even though I have never taken them out of their plastic.

If you have the energy, you can also go through your cutting mats. How many cutting mats do you own? There are the flat ones for your cutting table and the rotary ones. And the foldable travel ones. I have the right amount. But looking at them, I have a couple that have seen better days. I might ask for one for next Christmas.

I’m not sure why but this was a hard one for me. I might just have a cup of tea and a rest.

What was your hardest day so far? Post your answer on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook. I'll check in with you tomorrow for Day 11. Missed a day? Click here for the full list!

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