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Last year one of my sew-sisters challenged the rest of us to gather in all our scissors and rotary cutters and post a photo. I thought I would be embarrassed by the quantity that I had but funny enough. I was in the bottom 2.

Scissors/rotary cutters can easily be dispersed in your sewing space. We often have specialty ones for different jobs, and we might have ones in different kits and with different projects.

So having many isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But if you are counting over 20, it might be time to look at cutting back.

So start with your favourites. Make sure your kits and stations have their sets. Then look at the remainder.

First look at the broken, the dull, the hard to use. These ones can be disposed of.

Then look at the specialty. You might be carrying some from another craft that you no longer use. I have a set of pinking scissors. I hate them but I need them about 4 times a year so I keep them. But I have an 18mm rotary cutter and blades that I never use so I’ll let that go.

I also have many duplicates. After confirming that I have sets for my travel kit and studio, plus my several kit bags for special projects, I’m letting the rest go.

It’s also time for me to dispose of some old rotary blades. They are dull and not sharp. I double wrap them in paper and will dispose of them with our other metal recycling. As always, post your progress on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook. I'll see you tomorrow for Day 12!

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