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Notions are a catch-all phrase for all that other stuff in our sewing room. Elastic, buttons, ribbons, snaps, zippers, interfacing and more.

It’s so easy to accumulate a ton of this stuff over time. We need them for workshops, other crafts and specialty items. And these days it’s almost cheaper to purchase 5 or 10 than just 1.

Again, how much space do you want these items taking up? Do they all need to fit in one drawer, or on one shelf? Then only put back the items that you want to keep. More is not necessarily better. So many times I go looking for a notion that I know I have but can’t find it because it’s buried under all these other notions I never use.

This will be a long day for me as I truly have not cleaned out these drawers since we moved in...and I have shoved in a lot more in the past year.

So timer in hand, and a cup of least to start...I am off to my sewing room. As always, post your progress on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook. Get ready to make some tough choices for tomorrow, Day 13 - Electronics!

Missed a day? Click here for the full list!

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