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Well, it’s time to visit Mt. Scrapmore.

I have covered scrap management several times in various videos.

The point I am always trying to make is that your scraps need to be moving through your space. Don’t just collect them. If you don’t have a plan of how to use them, you will never be able to consume more than a fraction of them. And you’ll have bags and bags taking up valuable room in your sewing space.

First, do you even like to use scraps? If you don’t, there are plenty of people that do. You can sell or donate so what you need to do is get that flow set up so that the scraps don't linger too long in your space.

Second, how much space in your sewing room do you want them to take up?

Then grab all your scraps and see how much space they actually take up. I thought I was actually pretty good at this. I had a process, I had my drawers. But it was amazing how in the past 6 months I had let them get out of hand. I had tested several types of batting so instead of having one place for batting scraps I had new piles.

My fabric scraps had expanded to include batiks and selvages. I have a stash of half square triangles with no plan to use them up.

Then there are the other scraps like interfacing, and flannel, steam-a-seam etc.

So today we are getting everything out, deciding how much we are keeping and what we are keeping.

Are you excited to take on Mt. Scrapmore, or have you been dreading this day? Let me know on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

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