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Today we are dealing with your batting scraps.

If you have watched my video How to Organize your Batting Scraps you’ll know that I have a process for sorting and purpose for the various sizes.

Today you might not have time for anything more than putting like types of batting together. While sorting, pull out all the smaller scraps.

Batting pieces of the same type can be spliced together to make ‘franken-batting’ which I use in my cuddle quilts, placemats and quilt-as-you-go.

This year my problem is that I have several new types of batting in the mix. And looking at the piles now I realize making the space for yet another category of batting scraps is just too much for my space. So I am letting it go. I will donate the large pieces, and the smaller ones I will cut up with my other scraps for stuffing.

I do not have the time this week to make the ‘franken-batting’ or cut the batting pieces down to the sizes I use, but I will set an appointment with myself over the next 4 weeks to get them made.

How much scrappy batting do you have in your stash? Let me know on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

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