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Declutter Challenge - Day 16 - Kits

Today might feel a bit like yesterday... we are tackling our kits. Kits are fabric bundles that might or might not have a pattern. You might have purchased it from a store or simply put it together for yourself. Remember those fabric bundles you may have set aside yesterday during UFO day? Those are also kits.

The big distinction between kits and UFOs is that the fabric has not been cut. That is you have not committed your fabric to a particular project. There’s still time to pull out and put them back into your stash.

So you need to ask yourself why haven’t you made it yet? Have you fallen out of love? Are you worried that you don’t have the skills? Do you still like the colours? Is the cutting process too daunting? What is the likelihood that you will choose to make it in the next year?

If the answer is negative then you have two choices. Sell it, or put the fabric into your stash. There is no harm, no foul. It was an idea that just fizzled and you are free to move on to the next big idea.

Then with the remainder, like yesterday, you make two lists. The Long List has all the projects, and the Short List has just 1-2. The Short List for kits is smaller than the UFO Short List as the project has not been started so the workload and time commitment is higher.

Last year I made the choice to keep my kits physically separate from my UFOs. It was great for my UFOs... I nearly finished all of them. But my kits just sat there. Not one of those kits moved into my project's pile. So I have to ask myself why? And it was time for some tough self-love.

I love a good challenge. But I am confusing “can I do it?” with “do I want to do it?”. And obviously, I don’t. As I examine the patterns, fabrics and colours, they are just not me. And I can’t think of anyone in my circle who they would suit. So, as hard as it is, I am letting most of them go. Some back to my stash and a couple to the donation pile.

See you tomorrow for Day 17.

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