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Still on Mt. Scrapmore and today, we are dealing with fabric scraps. Make sure you have your timer with you as this can really suck the energy out of you.

I started today feeling quite proud that I had not let my scrap get out of hand this year. Throughout 2020 I kept cutting and sewing them into blocks and adding them to my backs. Then taming my crumbs in various projects...I even made a video. And keeping it all neat and tidy.

But when I pulled them out yesterday I can see that they need attention. I know I have neglected them for several months but in addition, somewhere along the line I started collecting selvages, and I have all sorts of batik scraps generated from my 4th of July quilt.

And I need to look at my routine for processing them. I had found that my containers at the end of my sewing table were either getting knocked over or just simply in the way. And at some point, I decided to just toss everything in a laundry hamper. It actually made life a lot simpler. But now it's time to bring everything back out. And decide on a new flow.

So the decisions remain the same. How much space do I want my scraps to take up? Do I still like them? How am I going to use them?

And move those that don’t make the cut into the donation bin.

How's your attempt at conquering Mt. Scrapmore. Let me know on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

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