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Declutter Challenge - Day 17 - Scrap Management

It’s finally time for our scraps. If you haven’t already, today is the day to bring all of your scraps out of their hiding spots and see just how big Mt. Scrapmore is.

Scraps happen. They are produced with every project we make. Even if you love scrappy blocks and quilts, you just might have more than you can deal with.

Think about your capacity. How much space in your sewing room do you want your scraps to occupy? Not only do you need space, but this space needs to be easily accessible so the scraps can flow. If your scraps cannot be easily stored and consumed, they will quickly spill over into other areas of your sewing space.

Today's challenge is about establishing that space, setting yourself some rules for the future and decluttering all the excess.

First, do you even like to use scraps? If you don’t, there are plenty of people that do. You can sell or donate so what you need to do is find those quilters so that the scraps don't linger too long in your space.

Next, think about many projects that you make a year. How many of them do you want to make from scraps? If you only make 2 or 3 scrap projects a year, why waste your valuable space storing enough for 10.

Also, how many types of scraps are you making the effort of storing? In addition to scrap fabric, we have scrap batting, interfacings and fusible webbings. Is your space large enough to store every type?

Remember today’s challenge is not about organizing. It’s about setting boundaries.

I have made several videos about scrap management, projects and blocks you can make from scraps. Click here for the link to the playlist.

See you tomorrow for Day 18, when we do a deeper dive into our batting scraps.

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