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Declutter Challenge - Day 18 - Batting Scraps

Today we are dealing with your batting scraps.

Out of all the scraps, I am starting with batting because it can take up a huge amount of square footage in your sewing space. Not only are we dealing with scraps in all sorts of sizes, but we are also dealing with different types of batting.

Batting scraps can be used in many ways, and I have made a video about them. And you can watch that video here for ideas.

If you can identify big pieces of the same type of batting, you can save yourself some money and splice them together to use with some of the UFOs you found over the weekend.

Make a list of those quilt top sizes, and make some frankenbatting to go with them.

From the remainder, think about how much do you want to store. Remember that you need to keep the different types of batting separately. They cannot be combined in the same project because they shrink at different rates. The only exception to this is those tiny bits that can be used for stuffing.

Your answer should be a combination of the capacity you have to store batting scraps with the number of projects that you actually intend to make. You'll always get more batting scraps with every quilt. So you will always have batting scraps.

I have a space in my closet where I have kept all my batting and batting scraps since I moved into my condo. But last year I moved my rolls to my studio where my longarm is. And I now only keep my batting scraps here.

I pulled everything out today and was shocked at how many different types of batting I have. Plus I also found some specialized thermal pieces and items I have used in upholstery making like foam.

I have decided to just keep two kinds of batting pieces. I do have a number of quilt-as-you-go projects planned for 2022. I will store them in this tray that I made to fit the shelf.

The remainder I will chop into small bits and use in my pillows.

As for the specialized batting and upholstery supplies, I am going to hang onto them but I am going to store them so that they are easier to access. This piece of foam I am going to cut down to the pieces I intend to use them for and this large piece I am going to donate.

And of course, I am adding to the future project list for 2022.

See you tomorrow for Day 19 - Fabric Scraps

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