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How is everyone doing? I have found the past couple of days quite challenging. There are just so many items that we toss into bags and stuff into drawers and cupboards postponing the decisions for another day.

And this week has been that... a string of ‘another day’

Today we are working on our UFOs. This is any project that has been started i.e. fabric cut. Anything else we will deal with tomorrow.

UFO’s send us down a whole other avenue of emotions since this is something that we have started. We have pieces cut, maybe sewn and there is no it putting back into our stash now.

I have made a video on UFOs on deciding on what ones are worth finishing.

And once you have decided what you are keeping you need to make two lists. First, a long list of every single UFO that you have found in your stash. I keep it in my bullet journal.

And then a Short List. This is the 3-5 UFO’s that you are going to finish first. You might choose the fast finishes, or the most urgent or your favourites. The choice is yours. But this is the list you will keep front and centre in your head going forward. And when these are done, you can pull 3-5 more from your stash. And so on.

Working through my projects I had a couple of surprises. I really thought that I had whittled my list down to five. But I had started lots of little projects this year that still need to be completed. I also have 5 quilts that just need binding and I need to get them completed. I also found I had piles of fabric pulls that had not turned into anything and can simply go back into my stash.

This decluttering is definitely work but my SEWJO is coming back. Today my counter again has been clear for the first time in four years. And as I touch my fabric and get my 30 minutes of sewing in, I have tons of ideas and quilt designs popping into my head.

Do you feel your Sewjo coming back? Let me know on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

Missed a day? Click here for the full list!

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