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Declutter Challenge - Day 19 - Fabric Scraps

We have just three days to go. The finish line is in sight. I know we can do it.

Today is another day on Mt. Scrapmore and today we are dealing with fabric scraps. Make sure you have your timer with you as this can really suck the energy out of you.

So the decisions remain the same. How much space do you want your scraps to take up? Do you still like them? How are you going to use them?

In the past couple of days, quilters have written me declaring what size of the fabric is a scrap. For some it’s less than a fat quarter to another it’s 9” and another it’s 1”. This is great news. Understanding what you like to work with and what you like to make is part of finding your voice as a maker. The important point is to find a quilter or an organization to take those scraps so they flow out of your sewing space on a regular basis.

You also might recognize that you might have changed the way you use scraps. We evolve. We change our minds, we get bored and want to try others things and push ourselves. So what worked last year might be different this year.

There are scrap sampler blocks, scrap strip blocks crumb quilter, quilt as you go, selvage quilting and probably a couple of others that I forget.

I made a shift in how I want to put my scrap colours together this year. But they have definitely accumulated more than I can possibly use this year.

I did consolidate all my scraps into one set of drawers. And this is my limit. Anything in the future must be kept in these two drawers. So I am going to do some sorting and trimming. I cut my fabrics into 5” & 2.5” strips but I think that my 5” pile is overflowing might need to do some more drastic culling. I am going to donate all my batik scraps. I have a lot left over from my 4th of July quilt and I can’t see myself using more batiks in the near future.

So I am setting my timer.

See you tomorrow for Day 20.

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