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Today might feel a bit like yesterday...we are tackling our kits. Kits are fabric bundles that might or might not have a pattern. You might have purchased it from a store or put it together for yourself.

They might look like UFO’s in bags but kits differ from UFO’s as the fabric has not been cut.

So you need to ask yourself:

  • why haven’t you made it yet?

  • Have you fallen out of love,

  • don’t have the skill,

  • don’t like the colour?

  • What is the likelihood that you will choose to make it in the next year?

If the answer is negative then you have two choices. Sell it, or put the fabric into your stash.

Then like yesterday you make two lists. The long-list that has all the projects, and the short-list that has just 1-2. The short-list for kits is smaller than the UFO’s short-list as the project has not been started so the workload and time commitment is higher.

As I sorted through my UFO’s yesterday, I realized that many were just kits that I had pulled from my stash but had never moved forward with. I put half of them back into my stash.

I have one that I had to think hard about why I was not actually moving forward with it. I like the colours and the fabrics but there was something about the pattern I didn’t like. Then I realized it was just one block in the pattern that I did not like. So I redesigned the block to take better advantage of the fabrics. And now it’s a definite yes. Another kit needed a slight adjustment to the pattern as well to love the kit again. And one...well it’s all grey & black. And you know how I dislike black. No matter how I tried to convince myself it was worthy of doing, I could feel all my energy being sapped from the fabric. It was time to let it go to someone that could appreciate it.

My long lists for both kits and UFO’s are longer than I thought they were. But I feel that this time they are the most accurate that they have been for years. Going through all my drawers, shelves and cupboards have given me the true extent of my stash.

We're almost at the finish line! For extra motivation, check out either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

Missed a day? Click here for the full list!

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