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Around the holidays, it’s so easy for our sewing spaces to become the dumping ground. For wrapping paper and packaging. Or stuff from another room that you cleared for visitors Or if you’re like me, my sewing room becomes a bedroom and all my stuff gets dumped into another room. And now gets dumped back in.

So today's challenge is to get everything back into its proper place...generally. It doesn’t mean you need to reorganize the closet where the wrapping supplies live. Or catalogue what is coming back in. Just get the things out that need to get out. And bring in what needs to come back.

Remember your journal and post-it notes.? If items need to be returned, or you remember items that need to be returned to you, write them down. Then make arrangements for some curbside drop-offs.

When I did this, it also triggered a small list of thank you notes or emails that I still needed to send. Another list for my bullet journal.

Set your timer and go.

And just like that, after two days my sewing room already looks so much better.

Want to post your progress on Social Media. Follow the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Three - Magazines.

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