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The penultimate day. We are just about at the end. The past week has been tough for most of us but just know that the finish line is just ahead.

Today we are looking at all of the containers & bags. As you have sorted, consolidated and tossed, you probably have accumulated more extras than you will ever use.

Containers can be project boxes, plastic containers, Rubbermaid tubs. Try to eliminate by type or by size. Your space will be easier to organize if items are store in the same type of container. Clear and stackable is best.

Bags might be cloth or plastic. Again, try and eliminate the sizes that are less useful.

While I was decluttering, I put all my UFO’s and kits into my XL Ziploc bags. Then I realized I had a pile of smaller Ziplocs that I was never going to use so I moved them to the kitchen. And I still had way too many. I’m putting them in my donation pile. Hopefully, someone will want them.

I had so many bags. I eliminated the small ones. Several I moved to my gift wrapping shelf, others I’ve moved to my car for shopping (not that I do much at the moment). And I put in the recycling of all the paper ones.

I can’t believe how good I feel today. I can feel such a difference in my energy level. Ideas are popping into my head by the moment and my sewing space is easily accessible. And I feel I now have the brain space to make some 2021 plans.

Are you feeling a change in your energy level?? Let me know on social media, either by the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or by following on Facebook.

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