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And we are done!!!

I don’t know about you but I feel a huge burden lifted from my shoulders…and one I really didn’t know was there. As I stand here in the middle of my space, looking at the cleared surfaces I see that not only was my room decluttered but so was my mind.

I am hopeful and excited about what I will create in 2021. Plans are forming in my head for new Stashbuster quilts, scrap quilts and a couple of showstoppers.

But there is one last thing to do, and that is follow through with my boxes. I need to take out the garbage and the recycling. I need to post my donation box up on my local community pages and decide how and where I want to post my items for sale. I may need to find some boxes and arrange a visit to the post office.

I hope that you have found this experience as rewarding as I did. Please share photos of your space on social media, either with the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or on Facebook.

These blog posts will remain online for you to follow at your own pace or return to at another time. And if you need to go back to the beginning (or any day), click here for the full list!

Still to come in the Organize your Sewing Room series are Organizational zones, Fabric Storage and Sewing Room tour. If you haven't already, subscribe to my YouTube Channel as these will be upcoming videos on my channel.

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