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Today we turn our attention to something often ignored, the print material. As with Monday, let’s start with a simple category. MAGAZINES.

If you have a magazine collection somewhere in your room ask yourself these questions?

  • When did I last use one?

  • When did I last touch this volume?

  • Do I have other things that I would prefer to occupy this space?

Personally, I am not much of a magazine reader anymore. I prefer to get my information online. But when I am decluttering, I’m always shocked by how many magazines I find in my space. They come in as gifts, samples, or as part of a subscription to other things

I do have one series that I’m keeping, UPPERCASE, as it helps me in my creative process. I am also keeping a copy of the various issues my work or myself has been highlighted in. And I have several issues of QUILTFOLK that are like coffee table books. But the rest...I just don't have space for it.

I know several years ago I did this process. I worried that I might be throwing out some amazing patterns so I looked through every magazine and cut out pages and patterns that I thought I would use. Four hours of work, and I have never touched that pile again...Though I have moved it at least twice. If you do decide today to go through and cut out the patterns, put them in a pile and save them for Day 5.

So I am going to set my timer. And be very aware that with all I need to do, the chances of there being a gem in this pile, that I haven’t seen online or marked the page, is highly unlikely.

If you are a person who likes to look back over magazines or simply keep magazines to enjoy having the set, make a note of how much physical space they occupy.

If you want to share with me your progress, the best way is to post on Social Media. Follow the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021 or post on the Event Page on Facebook. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Four - Books. Missed a day? Click here to see the list of previous blogs!

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