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Today we are diving into our PATTERN PILE

I put this challenge on a Friday as you may need several days to get through it all. Have your recycling and donation bins ready.

First - Any Pattern that you have already made/used put into a separate pile. We will deal with those tomorrow on Day 6.

The questions we ask of ourselves with patterns are very similar to magazines and books...but because we have so many patterns, we have to do a lot more asking.

Patterns come in all different forms. Hardcopies, PDF downloads, guild handouts. We tear them out of magazines, our friends pass us copies and more. We can be just as insatiable with them as we are with fabric stash and often have more quilt patterns than we can ever hope to make.

So decide how much space you want them to take up? Then ask yourself the following:

  • How many years have I had it?

  • Do I still like it?

  • Can I make it with the skills that I have?

  • Do I actually need a pattern to make a quilt like this?

  • Can I make it with fabric that I have right now?

Then rank them and cull them down to the space that you have.

Share your progress on social media. Follow the hashtag #jgidqdeclutter2021. Or join the Facebook Page. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Five - The Archive Pile.

Missed a day? Click here to see the list of previous blogs!

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