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I Can See My Floor Again…7 Days of Decluttering and Counting

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Who knew the impact of 7 days of decluttering. When I walk into my sewing room in the morning, the cutting table and sewing machine clean and ready to go, I cannot help but smile.

More importantly, my soul feels like it’s blossoming again, and feels the promise of the beautiful quilts to come.

I am not going to sugarcoat the last 7 days. I have been on a roller coaster of emotions between the reminders of the quilts that I’ve given away, the opportunities missed, the challenges met and the money wasted. I have also been fighting with my ADOBE programs every day. Videos that should have taken an hour to produce have turned into 5 hours of crossed fingers and hope that maybe this time the glitchy updates won't crash my computer.

And then there was the elastic that paralyzed me for two whole minutes as my brain when into a death spiral of ‘should I save it?’, ‘where should I keep it?’, ‘would I use it, will it still work when I want to use it?’,’ can it be recycled?’, ‘would throwing it in the garbage make me a bad person?’.

I have purged projects that I have kept for 20 plus years, had homes in no less than 5 different containers, and I’ve had to face that unless I wanted to make it today, I most likely will not want to make it tomorrow.

I’ve let go of a Sterling engine, my Exo 2010 collector piece, my Hamilton program (I saw it two weeks before lockdown) and some complimentary cloth that I can’t figure out what I might use it for.

I’ve decluttered my bulletin board… and then the actual bulletin board as I realized that I’ve always hated it.

And if you’ve watched the videos, you’ll know about the books and patterns.

I’m a bit worried about next week as we dive in deeper but am leaning into a quote that my sewing sister shared in our weekly chat.

The only time you should look back

Is to see how far you have come.

So I am going to enjoy my clean floor today, do some sewing for me, and not worry about that pile of fabric, UFOs and scraps still waiting on the other side of the room.

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