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More rendering options in the 3D properties panel: Show all lighting options, Create ribbon button for ambient and specular highlights, Adjust view-dependent shading using the new X- and Y-axis settings, and so much more. (video: 3:21 min.)What’s new in AutoCAD 2020:Rendering the camera viewRendering the camera view in AutoCAD 2020 combines camera and lens distortion into a single view rendering, automatically. You can rotate your camera image left and right to view different sections of your model, and left and right to view the model from above and below. Use the new Camera view rendering to accurately render the camera view of your model. (video: 2:03 min.)New 2D shape tools:New shape tools allow you to draw more flexible curves. You can use the new AutoSnap tool to automatically snap a curve to the nearest point on the target and have AutoCAD apply that point to the shape. You can also use the new Editor-only Edit Shape tool, which you can use to edit existing shapes. (video: 3:13 min.)New 2D curves:New curve types give you more flexibility with creating 2D curves. You can use the new Symmetric and Asymmetric curves, and choose a number of different options for the curves. (video: 2:37 min.)New AutoSnap options:Use the new AutoSnap option to have AutoCAD automatically snap a line segment to the nearest point on the target. (video: 1:23 min.)New key commands:Use the new F11 key to switch between the 3D wireframe and 3D solid mode. You can also use the F11 key to toggle the 3D wireframe display off and on. Use the F12 key to toggle between the 2D sketch and solid 2D display. (video: 2:23 min.)New legend settings:You can adjust the color and transparency of each legend group. You can also choose whether or not to display legend text. (video: 3:21 min.)New measurements tool:Use the new Measurement tool to easily and accurately measure objects in your drawings. You can select a point in your drawing and have the Measurements panel automatically display a measurement next to the point. (video: 1:54 min.) 2be273e24d


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