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Here is a list of most of the items in my last video

Downloadable Shopping List PDF with embedded links here.

Please note that some, not all, of the links below are afilliated. Where indicated, the link will direct you to Amazon where I will receive a small commission on your purchase. There is no obligation to purchase from these links. These items may be available locally or you can use or modify something that you already own.

Patchwork Board Game (amazon)

Common Quilt Block Pattern Puzzle (amazon)

Crazy Quilt Puzzle (amazon)

Quilting Craft Room Puzzle (amazon)

Ravensburger Puzzles

The Quilt Planner

Plan to Quilt

Watch video at

Use discount code MAKER fo 10% off

Leuchttrum 1917 (amazon)

The Secret Lives of Colour (amazon)

The Little Book of Colour (amazon)

The Quilter’s Field Guide Book of Colour (amazon)

The Encyclopedia of Inspiration

Uppercase Magazine

Curated Quilts




Travel Sewing Machine Case (amazon)

Travel/portable Iron 

Wool Mat 12 x 12 (amazon)

Rotary Cutting Mat (amazon)

Omnigrid Value Pack of Rulers (4) (amazon)

Ipad stand (amazon)

Ear Buds (amazon)

Tractor Seat Stool (amazon)

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