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10 Gifts for the Sewist or Quilter in your life

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Here are 10 gifts that you can’t go wrong with for the Quilter or Sewist in your life


If the special person in your life is a new quilter, a good pair of scissors is the best gift. If you invest in quality, they will last for years. And like screw drivers, you'll need more than one pair.

There is the large shear, the serrated edge, the embroidery, and the snips. And there are special scissors for the lefty too.

If your special person is an experienced quilter they might already have several pairs. In that case, purchase them a gift certificate at the local sharpener. It's even better if you take them in yourself and save them the hassle.

Kai Scissors

IDH Scissors


You should change your needle every 8 hours of sewing. But often we don’t. Sharp needles are an important part of sewing but there’s not much of a bling factor so we would rather spend our money on fabric. And we often hesitate when there is only one left.

So a gift of a stack of needles would be very nice. That way we can change them frequently without worry.

You can’t go wrong with 80 universal, or 80 quilting. But feel free to add in a couple of 70’s or 90’s too.

25 Schmetz Microtex Sharp Sewing Machine Needles 130/705 H-M Size 80/12

3-Rotary Blades

If we are miserly with our needles, we are often even worse with our rotary blades. We have that special moment when the blade is fresh and it cuts like butter then it’s downhill from there trying to make it last a long as possible.

Do that special someone a favour and buy them a stack of rotary blades. They come in several sizes so be sure to get the correct size. They will thank you every time they change the blade.


45 mm


We consume so much thread while we sew. We sew seams, top stitch, quilt and bind. And our results are so much better when we use a good quality thread. Look for a 50 weight thread. They come in sets or individually. You can’t go wrong with white, beige, grey or black...but since it’s a gift, you might go for some more festive colourful choices.

Aurifil Mako 50wt Thread 2 Large Spool

Aurifil Festive Assortment


If we are making quilts we need batting. There are so many quilt tops that are just sitting and waiting until we can afford to buy the batting.

You can’t get this really wrong. No matter what size you buy, or what it is made of, eventually the quilter will use it as is or cut it to the size that they do need.

Quilt Batting

6-Sitting pad

We spend a lot of time sitting on our bottoms. So it’s makes a difference if it is well supported.

I use one from Vigurus which is what racing car drivers and pilots use.

The bonus is that when the padding is a separate piece, you can use it as a kneeling pad when you need to get down on the floor .

Vigurus Seat Pad

7-Compression Socks

I know this sounds very geriatric but stick with me. While long arming, or a day at a quilt show, shop hopping, or even days when I’m doing a lot of cutting, wearing these socks can make a such a difference after a long day. And they come in lot of fun colours and styles. I also use them when I run, or travel. I know if you use them once, you won’t regret it.

Colourful Compression Socks

8-Good Lighting

As a subscriber reminded me after me video on sewing straight, it’s a lot easier to do it right if you can see your work. And most sewing machine lighting is just not good enough. We are often sewing in basements or rooms corners without lighting so a good light is really appreciated. Mine is flexible and rotates, it also has several settings but honestly I only use the high. You can also buy little stick on LED lights for up close. Or a travel one for the on-the-road kit.