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Boots on the Ground

Well, Quiltcon 2024 is a wrap.

Quiltcon 2024 has set records for attendance and the number of quilts on display (for Quiltcon that is). The vendor booths were also sold out and after 4 days they were exhausted but happy.

I was a bit surprised at the weather. I thought it would be warmer than home and had only brought a heavy sweater. Surprise!!! Luckily, I did find a light coat on sale to get me through the chilly evenings. 

I made the decision this year not to burden myself with camera gear and the pressure of making videos. I wanted to walk the show, meet my friends, make new ones and just enjoy the moments as they come without the worry of missing photo opportunities. I also feel last year’s videos covered almost all aspects of Quiltcon. And I am glad I did. I met so many new friends and had the time to chat.

Highlights were meeting so many members of Karen's Quilt Crew. We had fun taking selfies and making bracelets.

I also had the pleasure of having dinner with fellow travellers from my Alaska, Panama and Hawaiian cruises. I can't you tell how wonderful it was to get together again.

And I participated in the MQG mini second time. My swap partner Kristy Carter made me this amazing barm block quilt. She also enclosed a history of quilting in southern Appalachia and her relationship to it. Just my kind of swap partner. 🤗

I tried to walk the quilt show every day. I had many favourites and I am full of ideas for future projects. There were two quilts in the show that I participated in. Symphony of Symmetry was the Toronto Modern Guild's entry to the charity quilt exhibit. And Shape Salad, made with my local quilt bee, made it into the juried show.

I am now back in Toronto after a week away. Mando and the men appeared to have survived quite well without me. I have taken a couple of day to relax. My editor is off on March break for the week so its a good time for me to regroup.

I am just dealing with the last of my declutter challenge. I have reorganized my fabrics. You can watch the video here. And I have counted it. And you can watch that one here. I ran through a gamut of emotions but I am very happy I made the effort and feel in control again. Now for the final step, selling my excess fabric online. Stay tuned.

Upcoming events

The next Live Q&A will be Tuesday, February 26th at 6:30pm. You'll be able to ask me anything!

My next Stitch’n Chat with Karen’s Quilt Crew is on Sunday, March 10th at 6:00pm EST. If you are a member, you will find the zoom link on the Just Get It Done Quilts community page.

Still on the fence about joining me on my next cruise? My quilting class will be making a Karen Brown original, The Kapella Cluster Quilt. Here are a couple of colour ways.

Not only do we get all the adventures in these destinations, but we also have 5 days to sew at sea. If you want to join in the fun, you can checkout the brochure here. 

Karen's Quilt Circle

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Valerie Prideaux and talking about her book Tumbler Blocks. Her book is full of information about colour and how you can play with your fabrics to produce amazing results with just one block. You can watch the video here or listen to the podcast on the Youtube music app here. You can also purchase her book here (amazon) It's a good one. It actually sold out at Quiltcon

It's been a busy couple of weeks but in a good way. It has filled my bucket and I am just dying to pour that energy in my next quilt.

Take care

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Love the wall hanging that you are holding with the barn and was so glad that the "Barn Quilt" was on the barn. We look for them everywhere we travel whether it's on a barn or on a house. They are popular here in the south. Our weather can change in the blink of an eye and you have to take something for every season! Yesterday when we went out it was 71 but 3 hours later it was 60 with high winds. Could you or someone else post the type of sewing table you bought that is electric. Thanks


I love your writing! I'm a new quilter, really new...still need help threading my sewing machine I was inspired by the quilts I saw at QuiltCon, and I am currently making space to sew more. I watch your show and enjoy and appreciate the tips. However, I must say, I am a bit intimidated by you and your viewers I'm taking all the basic sewing classes available to me, but I typically leave overwhelmed with what I don't know. Any suggestions?

By the way I said hello to you at QuiltCon and you were just as nice as you are online! Thanks for being kind to a stranger.

Intimidated Quilter!


Feb 29

Boots On The Ground was a great posting! I was there, but unable to join either of the meet-up's since I was in class. This was my first Quiltcon, and I enjoyed it so much!

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