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Declutter Challenge 2024 - Day 20 - Fabric

Welcome to Day 20... the penultimate day of the Declutter Challenge 2022. We are just about at the end. Just today and tomorrow.

For most of us, it will be impossible to declutter your fabric in one day. And honestly why should you. As my friend Doris says, fabrics are our paint, if there was no fabric, there would be no quilting. It brings us joy, soothes our souls, and refills our bucket. And with all the hard work we have done in the past 20 days we have been making space and some of that space can be claimed by your fabric. 

If you need to declutter some fabric, first start with the unwanted. I had two buckets of fabric dropped off to me this year, and that person was decluttering it from her home. It’s not my colours, nor the type of fabric I want in my stash. All of it is going out the door. 

Next is the stained, the faded and the musty. 

Then take a look at the types of fabric. On top of quilting cottons, do you have batiks, wovens and other kinds? Are you using all of them? Several years ago I decluttered all my batiks, but I still keep finding a FQ here and there. Last year decluttered a stack of wovens. I tried quilting with them, I really didn’t care for it so I let them go. I do have some denim here that I have been collecting that I will keep for the future but I will not be accepting any more. 

How about the designer? Are there collections you have purchased because everyone else was or you thought you liked the style but now realize that isn’t what you like to work with. 

How about by theme? Do you have holiday fabric for holidays you don’t celebrate or make for. How about baby prints? How many baby quilts do you make now? I have a bucket full of baby prints and I am at my limit.

And lastly if you didn’t yesterday, take a look at your bolts. The cardboard inserts take up a huge amount of space. If you only have 1 yard or two it will take up less space off the bolt than on. 

I have purchased bolts of fabric in the past, and have found 15 yards of fabric is too much fabric. And if you are like me, and really don’t like using a fabric more than once, the discount you received for the bolt, doesn’t save you any money if the remainder sits in your cupboard. So now I will only buy them if I’m going to use it for backing. And I now keep them at the studio with my longarm.

Last year I said I was going to sell off some of my surplus fabrics but I was side tracked by other things so next week I am getting my act together to get them online.  And I’ll let you know how it goes.

It is a good exercise to go through your fabrics at least once every year. Touching, refolding and re sorting them will give you an opportunity to look at how much you actually have, 

Also look for those fabrics that you have had for over 5 years. Why haven’t you used them yet? Do you still love them? Did you ever love them or were they just a good deal? Or did you purchase them before you knew what and how you like to quilt?

Have fun. Folding and refolding fabric is one of my favourite things to do. I hope you enjoy it too. But don’t forget to use your timer. 


And be sure to show your nicely folded fabric stacks online with the hashtag #declutterchallenge2024.

Take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow for our final day. Day 21.

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This is my 2nd declutter challenge, thank you. I noticed a wonderful looking cell phone stand in one of your videos and am interested in learning where you bought it, please share , thanks.

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The only fabrics I have on bolts are basic solids. I find this has saved me a few times and because I really limit the colours, the number of bolts is limited, too. This just works well for me.

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