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Have a Wonderful Holiday

I have been digging through family Christmas photo's today to help my #3 put on a slide show for my family gathering this evening. Part of me is spinning wanting to move on to the next task on the to do list....and part of me is lost in the memories. I appear to have a digital record from 2001...the rest is in rubbermaid containers in our storage locker.

Some of the memories are special and some are bittersweet. I have a couple of our old dog Holly, and our new dog Mando in the same position hoping for some scraps. The days of the gingerbread houses are behind us as well as leaving out cookies for Santa. I have 20 years of a Christmas walks with friends. And so many years of making the chocolate log on Christmas eve. Since Mr. Christie has stopped making the chocolate wafers, we are going to give it a go with Oreo biscuits this year. I found some from the year I received my selfie stick and started my video career. The COVID Christmas when we had it outside. And the next year when we were so thankful to be together. There are also a couple of my grandparents. The last one of my grandfather before he went overseas for WWII and my other grandmother the crafter who never stopped moving. It was this picture that I realized that I have her hands.

It will be interesting what photos other members of the family contribute.

I hope that you are just about done all the making, wrapping and craziness that this time of year brings.

Sending you all the best wishes of the season. May you be surrounded by the people you wrap you up with peace and joy.

XOXO Karen

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Gabriele Malcolm
Gabriele Malcolm
Dec 26, 2023

Hope I'm not too late to wish you and your family a 🎄Very Merry Christmas🎄.

Thank you for sharing your cherished memories...may I wish you another year of successful adventures...🥂Happy New 2024 Year 🎉


Loved hearing your memories. Thank you for sharing! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


And a very Merry Christmas to you as well. I love watching your videos, and I've learned lots of great stuff. Thank you


Michelle Goldsmith
Michelle Goldsmith
Dec 24, 2023

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! You have given us many, many hours of time and help and we appreciate it so much. Thank you and happy holidays! Hugs from Michelle G, Derbyshire, UK


Merry Christmas Karen! Your blog brought me back to so many different memories,and here’s hoping to make many more. Enjoy all that the season brings and chears to 2024! 🎄❤️

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