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Holiday Playlists

Holidays are often when we have time to let the regular routines go and devote time and space to hobbies. When I am tucked into my sewing space, I like to put on some Youtube videos or podcasts so that I feel a little less isolated...and catch up on episodes that I might have missed.

If you are new to my channel or feel that you might have missed a couple of videos, I have put together some playlists of my golden oldies and hidden gems.

Fun Projects Whether you're looking for a palette cleanser from quilting, or you're looking to make a quick gift for the Holidays, this playlist is jam-packed with crafts that take less than a day

Top Ten - Most Popular

These videos are my greatest hits according to the views. They're so good, they're worth a second watch (or third or fourth...)

Top Ten - Most Cherished

All of my videos are like my babies. They take so much time and effort to put them together. And you fret over the tiniest details so that when they go out in the world you want everyone to love them as much as you do.

Top Ten - Get Organized

Are you wanting your space to be more organized? Work smarting, faster without fighting to find everything. This is a series of videos to help you on your way.

Top Ten - Fabric and Colour

We love our fabrics. They are fun to sort, stack and slice into. Here are some videos to get to know your fabrics better through colour and pattern.

My First Ten Videos

This is where it all started. My film making skills are much to be desired but there is still some great information to be had here

Karen's Quilt Circle

I have loved making this series. Meeting new quilters and crafters, hearing their stories and how they have found their niche. These videos are longer, more for a sit and sew than for a coffee break but I hope that you will take the time.

Organize Your Scraps

Take all those scraps and turn them into amazing projects. This playlist is about how to organize them and use them. All of them from the big pieces to crumbs and batting scraps

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes there is an easy way. These videos are packed with tips, tricks and shortcuts to make improve your quilting

Fast & Easy StashBuster Quilts

If you want to make it fast or burn through some stash, here are easy quilts to makes. Free patterns download available.

The After Quilt Series

One of my quilting "calling cards" is the After Quilt - it's when you use scraps and orphan blocks from the front flimsy, and sew them together for the backing. These videos show you the story of my EPIC After Quilt, and how to make your own.

Thank you so much for your support this year. Between my son's cancer, going into lockdown, and my daughter catching COVID-19, most of my plans for 2020 went right out the window. At times it's been really rough and it is thanks to you all that I was motivated enough to keep going with my channel. I can't thank you enough for all the kind words and affirmations you have sent me throughout the year. I cannot wait for 2021!

Have a safe and happy Holiday.

P.S. The livestream raised over $500 for the North York General Foundation. And I will match your donations. I am doing the math on the final numbers as several viewers donated directly XOXO

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2 comentarios

Everyone, if you haven’t already fallen in love with Karen’s teaching style, her sense of humor and willingness to “be real”, check out the fussy cut video from the “first 10” video list. You will belly laugh and learn a lot and instantly love her and wish she was your neighbor.

Me gusta

Thank you for all your posts not only during this horrible year but since my father died. You helped me keep going. Even when I couldn't cross stitch, patchwork or quilt you gave me something to look forward too. I love your early videos they're so fresh and you've kept that freshness all through the trials and problems you had to deal with this year on top of covid19. Have a rest and enjoy Christmas with your family or as much of it as you can.😷😘

Me gusta
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