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It started with a car accident...

My daughter is not a great communicator. If I ever send her a text, I’m lucky if I get a response in 72 hours. And I don’t think that she has answered her phone in the past 10 years. So last Wednesday, when my phone rang at 11:37pm, and I saw her caller ID I knew that it was not a good sign.

She, her fiance and their animals (two dogs and a cat) had been on their way to Toronto for their wedding when a deer struck their car. As the dash cam footage has shown, they were in the passing lane when a shadow shot between two transport trucks ahead of them. When the deer realized that the centre median was too high to jump, it decided to run back.

As you can see, it didn’t end well. But it appears that my daughter has the best kind of bad luck. None of them were injured, none of the wedding items were damaged and it happened 10 minutes from my parents home…even in their 80’s my parents can be superheroes helping them and the animals off the highway and giving them a warm bed.

It was a wild start to the wedding weekend. But it all ended perfectly. My daughter and son-in-law (I can say that now) chose to do a low key wedding at city hall with only immediate family.

I had my own superhero moment when my son-in-law was given some special cufflinks the night before the wedding but did not have a french cuff shirt. I was able to add 2 buttonholes to his dress shirt in record time so he could wear them.

We all were so happy for them as they spoke their vows leaving us no doubt that they were marrying their soul mates.

It’s been a while since I posted my newsletter. My year has been terribly busy with making the Maple & Eucalyptus quilt and pattern, planning the wedding, and preparing the Panama Cruise class. On top of that my dog Mando has had an allergy that we have had to identify and eliminate.

And I have also been dealing with this random intense jaw pain. I have spent time and effort figuring out what it isn't and I have held back on many activities and events trying not to aggravate it before the cruise and the wedding. Now that these big projects are out of the way and I think I have figured out what is triggering the jaw pain, I can get some physiotherapy and hopeful eliminate it.

But for all the challenges of the past months, as my husband and I listened to our daughter read her vows to her beloved and he said his back, we know how lucky we are.

Life is good.

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It all started with a car accident that could have ruined my hunting vehicle. At first I didn’t even think that it was possible to damage a car like that, but after reading article, I was convinced of it. The accident disabled my car, but thanks to the quick response and professionalism of the specialists, the car was restored without serious damage, which allowed me to continue hunting without serious problems or delays.


Terrible accident, sorry for the car. I had a similar situation with my hunting car, it was all crumpled and could no longer be repaired, but I loved it :(


Gay Maise
Gay Maise
Nov 13, 2023

Thank you for all you share with us and keeping me inspired to keep sewing. I wanted to ask you about your jaw pain. I have been dealing with the same problem for years and was hoping you would share what you have found out to alleviate the problem. So glad everything turned out for the wedding and that all were ok.


Thank you so much for sharing you and your authenticity. I love your channel and learning from you. I always get a wonderful perspective and feel positive about so many things as a result of your sharing. Thankfully, everyone and everything was OK. "It is not the stimulus, it is the response that matters."


Wow, what a heart-wrenching story. I couldn't help but feel a deep sense of empathy as I read about the car accident that started it all. Life can truly change in an instant, and your personal account is a stark reminder of that.

The way you described the journey that followed, from the wreckage to the auto parts store, resonated deeply with me. It's remarkable how a seemingly ordinary trip to such a mundane place can become a turning point in our lives. Sometimes, it's in those ordinary moments that we discover our true strength and resilience.

Your determination to pick up the pieces, both figuratively and literally, is truly inspiring. It's not easy to navigate through the aftermath of…

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