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Post Lockdown Retreat to the Country - Karen on the Go #1

It seems like forever since I left Toronto. And truth be told, I haven’t strayed far from my block since before Christmas. So this past week, I had the pleasure of spending a week with my parents...with Mando by my side.

They have a place in the country just over an hour away from the city, where they have been hunkered down since last March. When all the lockdowns hit, as I was swamped with worry as my eldest started chemotherapy, I was very thankful that they were safe and isolated outside the city.

With COVID restrictions now lifting, I planned for a week away. Who knew packing was a skill you might forget. For me, it's about just taking what you need, in the smallest most compact form. And I found I was a bit rusty. And there was more to bring, camera equipment and dog food.

It was such a lovely week away. My parents have always been good to me and my mother is one of my biggest supporters. She’s not a crafter, nor does she quite understand all I do but she is very proud to watch all of my videos and interviews. It was a lovely week of walking the property, helping get jobs done, and remembering the past.

It was a delight watching Mando be a country dog. Here in the city, it’s all about managing his walks and socialization. While vacationing, I gave him a bone and didn’t see him for an hour. When I was trimming trees he was off in the grass playing make-believe as he alternated charging from place to place with hiding down low.

There was also a dream property for sale nearby. If I ever had a checklist for the perfect home, this place checked all the boxes. Instead of discouraging me, my parents came with me to view the home. And then we spent the next four days planning what we could do with it...quilting retreat was high on the list...and dreaming of future family gatherings. Unfortunately, though I ran the numbers every which way I could, it was just beyond my means. 😂😂😂

I didn’t get any filming done, nor sewing. This is why I’m now playing catch up with #100days100blocks. But I did manage to finish the edit for two videos. And there was lots of inspiration for videos to come.

P.S. After a short time at home I had to turn around and head to Montreal for my nephew's wedding. It was so wonderful catching up with family that we had not seen in over 2 years. Plenty of opportunity on the long drive for sewing-on-the-go

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I came back here to get your "sewing on the go" link and saw that picture of you and Mando again. It really makes me smile a mile. 😁 ~ Arlene

Replying to

Thank you


Unknown member
Aug 03, 2021

Hi Karen

I think Mando is looking at you saying ‘why aren’t you coming in too, Mom?’

best wishes from Australia (in locked down Sydney)


Glad you had a wonderful trip. Just cracked me up smiling to see mondo in the pond just staring at camera as if showing all what he found he could do !😂


I meant to type "Hi Karen" 😅 ~Arlene


I Karen. It's so great to hear from you. Is that Mando enjoying a summer swim in the country? 😀 You are very fortunate in so many ways. Treat every day as a brand new beginning. Can't wait to see what your next big project is.

Stay safe and God bless. 😊 ~ Arlene

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