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On the Home Stretch Now

It is 2 weeks, 4 days and 21 hours until Mando’s cast comes off. We are just past the half way mark and I've been trying hard to stop myself from counting down right to the second.

It has been so demanding keeping a 70-pound puppy from moving 24-7. I’m simply exhausted. And yes, he is on plenty of sedatives, but they only seem to work in short intervals. His boot is worn through and I've had to repair it twice.

He has puzzles and games and too many treats and interesting sticks but what he lives for is the hour every every morning that we hang out at the end of the driveway. He absolutely loves saying hi to everyone that walks by. He’s an extrovert in a family of introverts.

And there isn’t a heck of a lot going on in my sewing room. It’s amazing how quickly it becomes a dumping ground for books, paper and stuff that I am too tired to put away. I'm going to need a shovel to dig myself out of it.

But this too shall pass. Until then, my Millefiori quilt is my project of choice. Something I can do in the 5-10 minutes that Mando slows down.

It’s exciting to be on the penultimate block. I purchased this bird fabric specifically to use in this rosette. And loved the way the beads connect. But when all the hexagons were done, I wasn't thrilled with my layout. I tried a couple of ideas to improve it and found if I flipped the outer hexagons so that the lighter value triangle is on the inside, it flowed better. But that means I need to adjust the bird layout. [sigh] At least I have another 20 days of slow sewing to fix it...but as I am looking at this photo, maybe it works the way it is. Stay tuned

I had high hopes of finishing off 3 or 4 WIP’s and at least one UFO before December but I just need to accept that nothing much will be happening before the New Year. The cast comes off Dec 11th and by then the holidays will be in full swing.

But I can make plans. My head is full of possibilities. Stashbuster ideas, new ways to use up your scraps, your stash and experiment with new techniques. And I cannot wait to come up with so much new content for you in 2022.

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