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The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

What do you give the quilter or sewist in your life? There are so many tools and accessories. You’ll want to get them something they both need and want. So it’s time for the 2022 Holiday Gift guide.

1-Clover Quilting Dome (amazon)

3-Thread Dispenser

4-The Basics

Needles (amazon)

Rotary Blades (amazon)


Hand Massager (amazon)

Eye Massager (amazon)

6-Forever Tools

LDH Scissors (LDH scissors)

Cutting Mat (amazon)


Wingspan (amazon)

8-The Gift of Learning

Ipad stand (amazon)


For more Information on the Panama Cruise

Full disclosure, where indicated in brackets, these are affiliate links which means that I make a small commission on the sale which help support the channel. I use every item that I have shown you today. These items were chosen based on their appeal and often how many requests I received…and not on their commission.

For a downloadable list of these items click this button

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1 Comment

Jane Kimberling
Jane Kimberling
Jan 01, 2023

Karen, thank you for this list! I got the hand and eye massagers for Christmas. My day job is as a dental hygienist and the massagers have been game changers!!! It was something I would have thought about on my own, exactly what I’ve been needing! Thank you again!

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