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Works in Progress Update

It’s October 29th and 64 days til 2019. I thought it was a good time to review my projects that I have on the go and set realistic goals on what I can finish before the year end.

Honestly, taking stock yesterday, I was shocked at how many quilts I have in progress. This is not a list of ancient UFO’s but projects I have started or reopened in 2018.

1. Linton Baby

Amongst my local friends, the first grandchild has been born. My good sewing machine in in the shop, hopefully home this weekend. Then I can get this off to the new baby girl before the end of November.

2. Rope Bowls

I started a large rope bowl this summer and ran out of thread. Finally managed to buy a matching cone to finish this off. This is something I can get done this week and off my list.

Very easy rope bowls
Rope Bowls

3. Circus quilt

This was an amazing quilt by @commonwealthquilts. I just loved making the top with all the colour combinations. I need to make a back and quilt.

Circus Tent Quilt
Circus Tent Quilt by Commonwealth Quilts

4. Xmas quilt

This is someone else’s UFO that bought at a destash. LOL. Like I needed another project. This is a good example of me taking on an easy project of others to avoid the harder work of designing my own. I should take a photo to remind myself not to do it again. I just need to make a back and quilt.

My Xmas Quilt
My Xmas Quilt

5. Hexagon

This is a five year project and I am only in year two. Out of the 12 hexagons, I have completed #5,6 and 7. I attempted to start #1 early this year and was totally overwhelmed by the fabric selection process. But I am ready to jump back in. I am heading on vacation at the end of the month and would like to have a hand sewing projects to take with me.

The New Hexagon Millefiore
The New Hexagon Millefiore

6. 4th of July by Judy Niemeyer

Okay…when I joined a stitch-n-chat group back in 2014 to make this quilt, I really didn’t know what I was doing or what I was getting into. It’s a old UFO made from batiks that I spent way too much money on the fabric. I hope to have the outside blocks completed (30% done) by the end of 2018.

4th of July by Judy Niemeyer
4th of July by Judy Niemeyer

7. Hazelnut

This was a pattern by Laura Heine that I purchased at Houston last year. It’s not really a quilt...more fiber art…and I mean to hang it on the wall. Truly I have barely started but my walls are bare so I really would like to get this finished. I need to start laying my pieces down.

After I finished my Long Time Gone sew-a-long I thought I was done with sew-a-longs for at least a year. Alas, a bit of FOMO kicked in last June when I saw the excitement growing on Instagram. I decided to jump in but with the rule I was only making blocks from my scrap pile. Though I fell behind a couple of times, I made it to the finish line. Now I just need to put the blocks together. My next step is deciding on whether to sew them all as one quilt or split into two. I’m not anxious for another sampler quilt so this is not high on my priority list.

Tula Pink's City Sampler Blocks

9. Scrap strips

These are 3 ½” x 18” strips that I have made from bits and pieces from my scrap bags. I started it when I started my #100days100blocks sew-a-long thinking that all the pieces that were too small for that project I would then accumulate and sew into this one. I love this project but instead of pushing for a 2018 finish, I’m going to allow this to continue to grow organically out of my evergreen stash of scraps. It will be done when it’s done.

Scrap Strip Quilting Blocks
Scrap Strips

10. 1st UFO

This is my first quilt that I ever started. This is the one UFO that I really want to finish this year. The top is completed. The batting is cut out. I even purchased wide-back fabric to complete it. But somewhere along the line I decided I needed to make a modern back. OMG... I constantly tell people not to overthink and just move on. But I have a really cool idea that I would like to try. I need to set a deadline on this to implement this or just move on.

11. Victoria & Albert Quilt

This is a complete kit of William Morris fabrics that I purchased with a stitch-n-chat group that I belong to. Not really my style but the fabrics were lovely to work with. I have a ton of fabric left over that I don’t want going into my stash so I would like to make an ‘afterquilt’ backing with the leftovers. [sigh] I have to remind myself that this is the part that I like.

Victoria & Albert Quilt
Victoria & Albert Quilt

12. Husband’s Quilt

I started this quilt for my husband at the SWO MQG retreat this year and it has sat in a bag ever since. I think I need to break this up into units and set weekly goals.

My Husband's in progress
My Husband's in progress

13. Baby Quilts

This are just three scrap tops that need to be quilted and donated. I can do this on my home machine.

14. Round Robin

This is a quilt from a guild round robin. It’s not quite what I was expecting so I need to fiddle with the top a bit before I finish it. I need a design plan for the top.

So now I am off to my bullet journal to get these into a plan that I can implement.

So where are you standing with your 2018 projects?

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Unknown member
Jun 13, 2019

I loved yoursetting out plans for allthe ufos, Imm wondering if you finished your modern back for the orginal one! I have been watching your videos for a month or so on you tube, glad I finally clicked into our page. and I am looking forward to tryingout the skill share. Also just thinking your are probably feeling so better now after joining the gall bladde free club, I was sick for nearly a year before mine was figured out, and felt so incredible after we took care of it!


You inspire me thank you, I love how entertaining you make your video, it’s like having a friend in your home while you are crafting

ps I’m from the UK


Unknown member
Dec 13, 2018

I found you recently on YouTube! Your videos are fun and full of information with some giggles along the way, which is so refreshing from a lot of other sites.....well done, and thank you for the enjoyment!


Holy cow! That's a lot of projects! Hmmm... I wonder how many projects would be on my list if I took the time to make one.


I have a list the basement....with the projects....I should find them again. At least to start the list in time for January!

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