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Memories on My Mind

I'm not sure what it is about Fall, but there are memories attached to everything. It might be that it’s anchored in Thanksgiving and then tumbles through 5 birthdays and 3 anniversaries. But my brain feels like it’s digging through archives and occasionally bringing out a surprise or two.

A big surprise for me was this UFO. I found it last year but since it was a Halloween quilt, I put it aside until the season. I think this is officially my first quilt. And as I look at the binding, I can see how so many of us come to quilting. We have some fabric, batting and a sewing machine and just go for it. We use whatever skills we have to put it together. If we like it, we make another one.

With the skills that I have now, it’s hard not to laugh at myself. My binding has folded over corners. And look at these huge stitches I used to sew it down. I am refusing to call it WRONG. It works perfectly fine and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Luckily for me, I did leave myself details on how I wanted to finish it and that’s what I am doing today. I am grabbing some glow-in-the-dark thread and some lightweight fusible and finally finishing it off. Which I realized not many people might know about these threads so I made a video out of them called Magic Threads

Some projects are teetering on the cusp of becoming bad memories. I am determined to finish a couple more quilts before the year ends. A few have been on the UFO list too long and I don’t want to carry them into another year.

Mando and I have been enjoying the beautiful days and all the glorious colours of the fall. In the park where we walk there is a new art installation. Crochet and hula hoops - who knew it could be so lovely? I was trying to remember where we walked last year…then I remembered that Mando broke his leg about this time so there were no autumn walks. Funny how I’ve tried to erase that memory.

My video about the Netherlands also had so many memories in it. Not just the new ones we made. But with the textiles we saw and touched, my mom and I had a peek into the lives of the past. And last week I had the pleasure of having Jo Andrews of Haptic and Hue on Karen’s Quilt Circle and had an excellent chat about stitches of the past. Stories of how textiles were created and sold; the people that made them and how we have lost touch with the process and the effort has become my passion. It’s one of my longest chats as I didn’t want to cut anything from the interview.

The past couple of months has also had some logistical challenges. My sewing room doubles as a third bedroom and with guests coming and going it has felt more like my third bedroom once was a sewing room. Now with two children living out of province, I do not want them to feel unwelcome. So I am making some changes…but that’s for the next newsletter

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Katy wiwi
Katy wiwi
Jan 18

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Nov 14, 2022

I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge is such a kind and humorous way. I have recently discovered your site and I have binged watched in happy burst over the last few weeks .Happily I’m still nowhere near the end yet - so lots more to see but I’ve learnt so much and I now have the confidence going to dig out a quilt I started over 12 years ago . It is also the first quilt I ever attempted and it was to be for my perfect daughter with the perfect fabric - a gorgeous print with happy kids and puppies on scooters and swings , well years later and she is no…

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