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Done... So What's Next

I am finally done with last year's #100day100blocks quilt. I absolutely love it but I must admit that I made choices that really taxed my brain. When I get an idea in my head I find it very difficult not to overthink it. So my thoughts spiral, often for days or even weeks, leaving me exhausted and sometimes burnt out.

September was also a very busy month for me. On top of my video production, I had a three-day BERNINA Canada conference, a 10-day trip to the Netherlands with my mom and a three-day sewing retreat with my original sew-sisters. All were fantastic experiences and I am so glad to have participated in them, meeting new friends and embracing the old.

But now my introverted self needs to be home. It’s time to regroup, rest and take stock in the peace and quiet of my own space. The past two years have taught me a lot about my personal energy. Many people think that I am an extrovert because I like to get stuff done. And compared to some family members, I look like one. But after any kind of event outside my home, I need rest and quiet.

So I am heading into my sewing room and taking a good look at my stuff. What projects do I want to finish before the new year? It’s time to dig out my seasonal fabrics and decide if I am making anything for the holidays. Because we all know that everything

I’ll try not to overreach and keep the projects to a minimum. But that’s a battle for another day.

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