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It's time for Summer Sewing

Well, I am back.

You last heard from me as I was madly packing and heading off for a 12-day trip to British Columbia and Alaska.

It was one fantastic cruise. I’d do it again in a heartbeat…except for the bit where I came home with COVID. You heard right. After 2+ years of quarantine, social distancing, and vaccines, I finally caught it. The last days of the trip were a gruelling trip to Denali and back plus an overnight flight home. Add in some allergies and I'm not sure where the trip ended and when COVID began. Aside from lingering congestion, I am finally back on my feet and almost feeling like my old self again....except for the brain fog.

I had intended to vlog my trip. Unfortunately, the wifi on the ship was never strong enough to upload any footage. I also struggled with my equipment as real-world usage turned out to be more fiddly than studio tests. So after 4 days of stressing about it all, I put it aside until I returned home. Now that I'm feeling better, I’m now going through the footage and cobbling together a video. Stay tuned.

While I was convalescing, I tidied up my closet. I took Marie-Anne’s Lecouer’s advice and said goodbye to items I no longer fit, those I have never worn and many pieces that are just worn out. My next challenge is to figure out how what is left will work together and see what new items I can try.

Ontario greeted me home with a heatwave. So now I'm switching over to summer sewing to take advantage of the warm sun. For me, that means putting a couple of big projects on the back burner and working on some smaller projects. I finally bound all those baby quilts I started back in January.

And I finally repaired this brass bell door hanger. It’s been in my husband’s family for decades and for the past 20 years it’s been in our home. It has a lovely sound. Our pet rabbit used to use it when he wanted to go outside. Mando isn’t too crazy about it now but hopefully it will grow on him.

I have more tips on Summer sewing in this week’s video.

And finally #100days100blocks is around the corner with Gnome Angel, and our monthly chats are returning. I am not sure what theme I will be using this year. I am thinking about using up my solid scraps. My goal for 2022 is to finish off the projects that take up the most space in my sewing room. With my scrap drawer overflowing, this might satisfy both.

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