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In 2017 I lost my home in the Tubbs fire in Northern California. I fled in my RV never to return to my cozy cottage by the river. I was a renter, with no insurance. Its been a challenging almost 4 years adjusting to RV living and having to move so many times. Laws in California make it near impossible to find affordable long term RV parking. I bought myself a new sewing machine and decided that life is too short to miss out on the things you really want to do. I still teach private music lessons but more than anything I enjoy sewing :-) just sewing it all away. When life seems overwhelming all I want to do is sit down and sew on my JUKI QVP Haruka, its just like the 2010Q but it has a few more bells and whistles. I removed the bolted in swivel chair, took out the couch, and set up my sewing machine right by a window so I can look out and watch the horses in the next pasture and soothe my soul making beautiful things for people I love. My granny was a professional seamstress and although she never really taught me, she welcomed me to sit near her and watch. So now, like playing music by ear, Ive learned to sew by ear. I've learned how to make handbags from cork, vinyl, cotton, and all kinds of colorful quilts, all while living in my RV. Yes, its a little crowded but I dont need so many clothes, dishes, etc. As long as I can have my JUKI, my fabric, my cork, my vinyl, and my tools, Im just as happy as can be. Rebuilding my new RV life after that fire has had major challenges but I feel so blessed today to be able to just Sew It All Away!

Sew It All Away

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