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After the Declutter Challenge

It’s been 3 weeks since the Declutter Challenge and I am still feeling all the positive vibes that open spaces bring. When I open my sewing room door in the mornings, the view of that clean counter starts my day on a high.

Even after filming my Organizational Zones video a couple of weeks back, I am still making changes here and there with my own organization to make the space work better. I’ve tidied up a rat’s nest of electrical wires. Moved items from drawers into cupboards, items from cupboards to drawers.

Years ago, I intentionally painted the room completely white because the lighting in the room is so dim. But now the white seems a little too blah for me, so I’ve added some wallpaper for a bit of colour. And when my son was convalescing with us last year I had put up dark curtains so he could sleep during the day if necessary. I find them very depressing, and I really don't like curtains anyways so they came down pretty quickly

Then, of course, I still have too many boxes to deal with. I did a run to the post office last week to send mail finished quilts and de-stashed items to new homes. But now with the unclaimed decluttered items, it’s time to post some of these items online. I'm going to start with my local neighbourhood Facebook page and my local guild. Hopefully, by the next newsletter, I’ll be able to show off a clean floor.

There are still so many things I need to move around and take care of. My goal will be to have a more permanent design wall, but before I can begin the process, I need to tackle my lighting in the room. Sigh. It’s never straightforward, is it? But as I sew my latest Stashbuster (don't worry, the video is coming out this week), and all my tools are in their place and I have the room to lay the fabric out, I know that all the extra work pays off.

After the Declutter Challenge, how are you all feeling about your sewing rooms? Are there any areas you would like to improve on? Let me know in the comments below.

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