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Declutter Challenge 2024 - Day 2 - What Doesn't Belong

Now that we took out the trash, now it's time to find any other items that don’t belong in your sewing space? Or maybe yours is like mine; it doubles as a guest room. So maybe for you it's about moving items back in once the guests have gone home.

Today we put it all back where it belongs. Use your timer; you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll accomplish in 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary. If you need more time be sure to take a short break in between. You might also need a buddy to clear out some of the larger items.

Containers ready to take items back to where they belong

Beware! Do not get distracted by where your items end up. And I know that this is easier said than done. Today after 8 months I finally returned some items to my storage locker downstairs. It was tempting to start organizing that space but luckily I was ready for it....and I still needed to get to the studio to declutter that space.

Today might also be the day you start a brain dump. This is just a place where you can quickly put ideas...I like to call them squirrels and they distract you from the task at hand. I am using a white board and my phone. But you can use a journal or notebook too.

Be sure to use your timer so if you get distracted it will zing you back into the present.

As well as items that belong in other spots in your home, you might find items that need to be returned. Or remember items that need to be returned to you. Or find items that you need to send a thank you note for. Add them to the list to deal with after the timer goes off.

This day has always made me look hard at items that I have hung on to for years. Last year it was a tray of seashells. .This year it was my viola. When the kids were all taking music lessons, I decided I would learn an instrument as well. But it's been more than 15 years since I have picked it up. I quickly decided it was time to let it go. I took it to the studio to take some photos so that I could list it online. It felt so good in my hands. I remember how my music teacher pushed me out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed every minute of it. So I started thinking about what would need to happen for me to take up the viola again. Which led to some real soul searching on all my aspirational goals. It took me another 24 hours to wrestle with which ones I want to invest the time in. And I decided with my Trigeminal Neuralgia the viola might be problematic. And I want to try to learn another language more. And if I ever did decide that I wanted to take up the viola again, I can get another one.

It really feels like I have peeled another layer off in my decluttering.

After you get the squatters out of the way, take a moment to clean your sewing machine. Following the manufacturer's guidelines, clear out all the fluff, give it a bit of oil and change the needle. Rethread the machine and add a fresh bobbin.

I hope you feel the energy of your space changing the way I feel mine is. There's a real excitement building for the UFO's I am ready to finish and the new projects I can't wait to start.

You have probably found some items that you are shaking your head wondering why they are in your sewing room. Post them with the hashtag #declutterchallenge2024. I’ll see you tomorrow for Day Three.

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3 comentarios

D Stevens
D Stevens
04 ene

The weirdest is an 8 " garden gnome. I was using it unsuccessfully to hold reading glasses.

It can go out to the shed with its fellows!

Me gusta

appreciate all of the tips - especially the “brain dump” space

i too live with TriGeminal Neuralgia, and your comments really gave me a valuable perspective into deciphering which projects & goals to focus on based on my specific health issues

thank you!

Me gusta

Nothing earth-shattering found in My Happy Place. Only started Day 1 today, but most of the garbage was taken out last week - yeah!! Day 2 - well luckily there is not much that doesn't belong in here! Phew!! So I will reclaim the top of my counter. And a notebook is close by to write down UFO's found or what I need to do after everything is de-cluttered! 😀

Me gusta
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