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Links for English Paper Piecing

Affiliate Links

Where indicated, the link will direct you to Amazon where I will receive a small commission on your purchase. There is no obligation to purchase from these links. These items may be available locally or you can use or modify something that you already own.

Hexagon Punch:

The New Hexagon 1 -

The New Hexagon 2 -

Hexagon Papers -

Lucy Boston Papers -

Tula Pink Nova Star -

Rotary Cutting Mat Small -

Clover 28mm Rotary Cutter -

Purple Glue Stick -

MILLNER'S Size 10 -

Invisafil Thread 80wt poly -

Non Affiliate Links

Emma Jone's EPP Butterfly Applique -

Wondering what I'm talking about? Check out the video here:

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Yes, I would love to see your Ts, Ts, and Ss for FPP. ☺️

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