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Finally Eating The Frog.

All quilters have one thing they hate about the quilting process. For me, it’s quilt sandwiches. Passionately. If I was making quilts for myself, that would be one thing. But I had planned on making a comprehensive video on my YouTube Channel about quilt sandwiches. By putting it off throughout the last few weeks, it’s amazing what other ‘frogs’ I have taken on to avoid the daunting task.

I have reorganized my fabrics

Cleaned out drawers

Did some tax filings.

Mended clothes

Though I was getting other tasks done, not getting the quilt sandwiches completed was taking a huge toll on my mental health. It was always swirling around in my head. As I kept pushing it off and changing my video schedule, I knew I was just making excuses. Which then leads to feelings of failure and letting you all down.

I know, it’s all in my head. There are so many reasons why I should give myself a break. But the emotional brain doesn’t always want to listen to the logical side. So my body decided to kick it up a notch and put me to bed for a couple of days, during Canadian Thanksgiving.

I slept a lot. And watched TED LASSO Season 1 twice. I loved the emotional arc of the story but mostly I loved the artwork in Rebecca Welton’s office. I can’t wait to use similar colours in an improv quilt.

(See, look how colourful those paintings are).

So now I am finally strong enough, rested enough, and fed up enough to address this growing pile of flimsies in the middle of my sewing space. I had to make a number of quilt backs which was also bringing me no joy... But finally, I will eat this frog, no matter how gruesome.

One thing that continues to bring me joy is my new series Karen’s Quilt Circle. This quilting world is full of interesting people. I love doing the research to find the quilters and I love getting to know them and their tips and tricks. This week's guest is Peter Byrne of Hover Quilting. He is a fellow member of the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild and winner of QuiltCon 2020. You will not want to miss this interview. It’ll be live on my channel Monday, October 19th.

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