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How to Fall in Love... With your UFOs Again

#UFOvember is here. If you've seen my last video, Organize Your Space- Part 1, you know I've got a lot of work to do in that space. This includes going through my UFO pile. It's time to through all my piles of ziplock bags, fabric stacks, miscellaneous stuff in my sewing room, and figure out what's what. Throughout this year, I've either been working on bucket list quilts or getting inspired to start something completely new. Because of all of these competing ideas and projects, there is a heck of a lot of piles.

The question is, how do I sort through it? First, unfortunately, there are so many piles I will just put back in my stash. If the project looks promising, I may take a photo and add it to the 'idea' list in my bullet journal.

Then I must tackle the piles of samples that I made for my Youtube videos, such as blocks I've made for my Quilt Coach series. In the passion of the moment, I thought that I would make it into a full quilt. But most will go into my orphan block box. Again, I add it to the 'idea' list in my bullet journal for the promising ones.

For the rest of the projects... well I need to dig deep and find the Love.

We fall out of love with our projects for many reasons:

We make mistakes and don't want to go backwards.

We find the pattern too hard, which makes the piecing fussy and results less than stellar.

We find we actually don't like the pattern; it just doesn't fit with our style.

We don't like the colour, and it's sucking the energy out of us.

We don't have a purpose for the quilt, so we can't see the end.

We have not been able to get any momentum for the project, with life getting in the way.

We have to give all our nurturing elsewhere so we are left too exhausted to care.

(Here's my Mother with the Meadowland Quilt)

I made a video last year about UFOs and getting them done. It was a process of looking at them and evaluating if they are worth the time, money and effort to finish.

Referring to that video, for all those UFOs that make the "YES" list, here are my top tips for finishing your UFO's:

  • Use a shortlist. You might have catalogues 15+ different projects, and we will call that your long list. Now from that, you need to make a shortlist of your top 3 - 5 projects max.

  • Start with the fast finishes. Because finishing leads to success. And once you taste it, you'll want more. Use that momentum to carry you into the next one.

  • Don't use your quilting time for ripping out. Save it for sitting in front of the TV. Don't even count it as one of your shortlist projects until the seam ripping is complete.

  • Use your timer. Set it for 30 minutes. You can do anything for 5 minutes. And after the first 5, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to get to 30.

  • But by far, the most important part is finding love in your quilt. Love is what we strive to infuse in our quilts. Add a column to your shortlist of where that quilt is going after that last thread is tied off. Once you know it's going somewhere, you can visualize the lucky recipient snuggling under the quilt, which will give your work purpose. And purpose will get you to the finish line.

I know a lot of you think it's unfathomable to go through your UFOs with Christmas around the corner, but if you take even 30 minutes out of your day to work through it, I'm sure you'll find yourself less stressed. Maybe you'll find even a UFO that's begging to be a Christmas gift.

If you're interested in getting more inspiration for #ufovember, I urge you all to check out the other wonderful quilt blogs participating (I have them linked below). Thank you Geeky Bobbin for organizing this initiative.

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